• More Weird – Cleveland’s Top Science & Medical Institutions Embrace Halloween

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    The history of medicine can be the scariest of all!

    Checkout the talk Nov. 4 in Cleveland – the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Case Western Reserve University are teaming to deliver an exciting talk on the 18th and 19th centuries’ lack of cadavers for medical investigation.


    You guessed it. The talk turns ghoulish quickly. But Brandy Schillace, from the Dittrick Medical History Center and Museum at the university, adds a new twist – inviting audience participation on the subject.

    Do you dare to read more…or even…get tickets?

    Thank you to Cleveland.com writers.

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  • Weird NPR…Mrs. H’s Family Haunting from the 1920’s

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    I was spellbound…

    Can you imagine?

    …a 4 year old who insists he was called by his lilting mother voice…which she denies

    …ghostly apparitions that sit at the foot of the paralyzed couple’s bed in the dark of the night

    …flying beings screeching and howling throughout the rooms of the stately mansion

    Spooky Pumpkin

    This week on National Public Radio’s “This American Life” Ira Glass and Albert Donnay stretched the imagination…what could be the explanation?

    It will surprise you…think back to the days of Orson Wells when you listen to the podcast.

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  • Absorbed by Weird Tumor

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    The good news was it was not cancer…the bad news was they had to operate anyway.

    What was that greenish blue mass? Read on…

    Japanese patient’s ‘tumour’ turns out to be 25-year-old towel

    Japanese patient’s ‘tumour’ turns out to be 25-year-old towel

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  • Nothing Weird about it – Welcome Home for Good, Discovery!

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    We’re sad to see your missions end…


    Welcome Home for Good, Discovery!

    America will miss your amazing adventures

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  • Weird Medical Science in Space

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    Exploration Medical Capability Project
    NASA…no need to say more.

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  • A Weird Way to Imbibe

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    Hypothesis:  If ones’ stomach lining can absorb alcohol leading to the symptoms of intoxication, then the dermal layers of ones’ feet should do the same — ol’ Danish myth.

    Method: Place feet in washtub of alcohol for 3 hours.


    • Washtub
    Tune for Foot Tapping

    Tune for Foot Tapping

    • Feet (preferably two)
    • 80 Proof vodka…lots!
    • Watch..second hand not necessary
    • Patience
    • Towel

    Results: …read more at…“Washtub Play” or “Scientists dip feet, debunk Danish alcohol myth”

    Happy Holidays from your WeirdMedical team at MedIntelliBase!

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  • Weird, Smells Go beyond Ergodynamics

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    Can we really be moving into a new era where what the patient experiences – feels, touches and even smells – really matters?

    Can our medical device industry be moving in the direction of consumer marketing where patient-based consumer-type-products are becoming reality?

    “There’s something called value-based purchasing in [health-care reform] that actually measures patient satisfaction,” according to Bob Schwartz, general manager of global design for GE Healthcare, “— and hospitals are reimbursed, in part at least, on what those patient satisfaction scores say.”

    Bob Schwartz, general manager of global design for GE Healthcare

    It actually appears that the patient’s feedback and opinions are starting to matter as much as those of our medical professionals. Especially now that U.S. healthcare reform driven by the balance of better procedural outcomes, patient satisfaction through provider rating systems, and cost containment is creating a perfect storm.

    Read more about this “Proctor & Gamble” marketing approach…it’s not the science of technology but the science of consumer behavior!

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  • Weird Medical Inventions…goes to show you that…

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    These headlines go to show you that humans and their inventions are adequate but rarely perfect…

    FDA clot device advisory tells of patients’ risks (re: Inferior Vena Cava Filters)

    Left-sided Cancer: Blame your bed and TV?

    A Newly Candid FDA on the Future Of Medical Device Regulation (re: example – external infusion pumps, pp. 3 & 4)

    Have roll will travel

    Mobile toilet tissue role

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  • Weird, no…but Silly Medical Chart Entries

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    July 28, 2010 /  More Fun than Weird

    From the blog InnocentEnglish.com, these “Funny Doctor Chart Bloopers” from actual medical record entries are precious…

    Discharge status: alive but without permission.

    The patient refused an autopsy.

    Exam of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized.      (…sometimes even spell check won’t help!)

    Rectal exam revealed…read more…

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  • Weird Permission to Misbehave?

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    “But honey, the < fill in here > made me do it!”

    A meta-analysis of healthcare insurance claims has shown that middle aged men (40’s or older) who take impotence drugs have triple the rate of sexually transmitted diseases compared to their drug-free brethren.

    Men on Viagra, Cialis Show Triple Rate of Sex Diseases in Study

    The scientific theory, however, is not that the drugs make them more promiscuous but that perhaps the predisposition of the male mindset leads them to seek the path to more fun through pharmaceuticals.

    Read on…

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  • More Harmful than Weird – ADD Overdiagnosed!

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    Any of us could have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit [Hyperactive] Disorder (ADD/ADHD) at one time or another in our lives…

    But in the last few years, new anecdotal evidence implies that ADD is often too quickly presented as the explanation for a child’s inattentiveness or hyperactivity…with drugs, behavioral therapies, and support group participation growing double digits…who does this benefit?




    “ADD is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children (Grossman). Its origins are unknown, but according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it is speculated that ADD is due to these factors: genetics, prenatal complications, and neurotransmitter deficits,” according to Health & Wellness online magazine’s Claudette Ellyse. Further, “It is said that 5 million children have ADD (Alexander-Roberts 1). 50% of those children will not have it when they become adults (Armstrong 13). It is doubtful that all of those children become “cured.” There is no cure for ADD. It is more likely that most of these children never had ADD at all.”

    The primary symptoms of ADD, “The Big Four”:

    • distractibility
    • impulsivity
    • restlessness
    • hyperactivity

    Secondary symptoms can occur when the primary systems go unnoticed and the ADD are not treated. They include low self-esteem, depression, boredom and frustration with school, impaired peer relations, violent behavior due to mounting frustrations, and sometimes alcohol, promiscuity and drug abuse.

    Concerned? read on… What do you think?

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  • Weird Taxpayer-Funded Museum of Medical Oddities

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    Now this is a good use of our federal tax dollars…

    In the northwestern reaches of Washington (D.C. that is) sits a museum that is a “must see” if you like the slightly off-taste, arcane, twisted and in some cases, down-right gross medical oddities. Visit the bricks and mortar “Roadside America of American medicine,” the National Museum of Health and Medicine, America’s oldest taxpayer-funded Cabinet of Curiosities near Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    A row of little skeletons.

    At the National Museum of Health and Medicine you can see precariously displayed and disturbingly barely described:

    • hanging display of a complete brain and spine, suspended in liquid in an eerily lit glass cylinder
    • girl’s head preserved in arsenic
    • well-preserved hairball from the stomach of a 12-year old girl who compulsively ate her own hair
    • skull with a huge civil war bullet buried in its frontal lobe
    • and the list goes on…

    To visit…virtually go to the RoadsideAmerica.com Team Field Reporters or National Museum of Health and Medicine, or in real life visit:

    6900 Georgia Avenue, Washington, DC

    Hours:     M-F 10 am – 5:30 pm, Sa, Su, Hol call ahead

    No kidding. This is for real – so when you go to the NMHM in D.C., tell them you want your tax dollars’ worth!

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  • Weird World – Wireless Connectivity Endangering Patients

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    April 14, 2010 /  Beyond Weird, Hack This!

    Be it a defibrillator or a MRI scanner, patients become increasingly more vulnerable to hackers each day…

    According to the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) April 1, 2010 article, “Improving the Security and Privacy of Implantable Medical Devices,

    “…medical devices vary widely with regard to security features, because no specific security guidance or requirements have ”     been promulgated by the FDA. In the past, the agency has not viewed itself as a key contributor to the security of medical devices, noting that “the software engineering community, not the FDA, will dictate the solutions.” According to a 2009 report from the Government Accountability Office, the FDA has yet to develop a policy framework for the privacy and security of personal health information.”

    Clearly as wireless connectivity becomes more widespread access to device controllers and software becomes even easier. Quoting the MD&DI’s “DeviceTalk” site summary of the NEJM article:

    “Hackers could manipulate the technology to:

    • Extract data
    • Reprogram the devices
    • Flood the devices with information to block incoming communication
    • Drain a device’s batteries”

    As U.S. federal law stands now, medical device manufacturers hold the sole legal responsibility for remaining alert to, aware of, and ready to act on security breeches. This responsibility is dictated by HIPPA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) although no guidelines for device controller or systems software are in place.

    The authors of the above NEJM article, Drs. W. H. Maisel and T. Kohno, are urging the FDA to change its position on regulating devices systems software and for manufacturing companies’ software engineers to include security features during the design phase.

    Read more…NEJM Article Authors: William H. Maisel, M.D., M.P.H. – Medical Device Safety Institute, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston; and Tadayoshi Kohno, Ph.D. – Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle.

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  • Centuries of Weird Medical Science

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    Did you ever wonder what the first x-ray image looked like or how we are mathematically engineered?

    Look no further than “Science and Technology in Medicine: An Illustrated Account Based on Ninety-Nine Landmark Publications from Five Centuries.” Author, Andras Gedeon, has researched major advanced technologies of today back to their roots. Nearly 100 technologies are captured in his book on medical therapies and diagnostic equipment dating back to the early 1500’s.

    “A most fascinating read,” says Armchair Interviews who gives it five stars, “The visual effect evokes one’s curiosity at a fundamental level, making it an excellent source for inspiring further learning.”

    Science and Technology in Medicine by Andras Gedeon

    Humane Blood

    This books is fascinating in that it respectfully shows very graphic illustrations, images and in later years, pictures, of more primitive applications of science to the art of early experimental medicine. It is available in:

    English & German

    Any of us who have a fascination with medicine as it converges with science will cherish this book.  For Armchair Interviews’ review…read on…

    The visual effect evokes one’s curiosity at a fundamental level, making it an excellent source for inspiring further learning. The visual effect evokes one’s curiosity at a fundamental level, making it an excellent source for inspiring further learning.

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  • Weird Ability to Eat Anything…but 6,000 Calories in One Day?

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    December 22, 2009 /  Biological Wonders, Weird Holidays

    Keep an eye on dads as well as the kiddies!

    A recent study found that children can consume up to 6,000 calories on Christmas day, December 25. This includes all the snacks, cookies and meals found between family dinners and treats Saint Nick leaves behind. The study was performed by experts for the Carnegie Weight Management based in Leeds Metropolitan University. They found on average, 956 calories for dinner 587 for desserts on top of breakfast lunch and treats. While children were the most indulgent Men were also found to be gluttons. While this may not be the weirdest display of human nature, it is definitely not healthy.

    Source: Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1236388/Obesity-warning-children-eat-6-000-calories-Christmas-Day.html)

    Source: Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1236388/Obesity-warning-children-eat-6-000-calories-Christmas-Day.html)

    Note about your family:  Watch-out for each other during this special time of the year!

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  • Weird Way to Pay for Healthcare Reform

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    July 27, 2009 /  Legislate This, UNwelcome Messages

    Look-out brewers of America!

    In a move that may send many more American workers home jobless the Senate Finance Committee has announced their consideration of a 150% hike on federal beer taxes. This increase would directly fund the Healthcare Reform promised in the 2008 election. Additionally a number of states are considering raising taxes to offset their budgets as well.

    If you enjoy freedom of choice and free enterprise as well do, let your Senators know! Read more below…

    Weird Way to Fund Reform (Source: Chicago Business)

    Weird Way to Fund Reform (Source: Chicago Business)

    For more information and to learn how to join others in you state to be heard on your position on this issue visit:

    A thought…perhaps this tax is a weird effort to reform Americans from “heathen” and “unhealthy” habits?

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  • Weird “No-no” for Building Swine Flu Immunity this fall flu season

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    July 24, 2009 /  Resurrected Remedies

    With the fall of 2009 coming soon, swine Influenza has many looking for ways to protect themselves and there families.

    One not just weird but unsafe way that developed in early 2009 and seems to be staying with us is “swine flu parties.” Similar to chicken pox parties these include parents intentionally exposing their children to others infected with the disease.

    Dr Richard Jarvis, chairman of the British Medical Association’s public health committee, recently said “I have heard of reports of people throwing swine flu parties. I don’t think it is a good idea…I would not want it myself. It is quite a mild virus, but people still get ill and there is a risk of mortality.” While this flu does not carry a high mortality rate, this weird way of inoculating children is most likely unwise.

    With the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting well over 300 confirmed H1N1 related deaths earlier this year health, and with June report of 263 deaths in the U.S., (see the U.S. Center for Disease Control CDC website) officials do not like this development.

    In addition on June 10, the CDC released a “Phase 6” warning about Swine Flu – Verbatim from the CDC website:

    A Pandemic Is Declared – On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) signaled that a global pandemic of novel influenza A (H1N1) was underway by raising the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6. This action was a reflection of the spread of the new H1N1 virus, not the severity of illness caused by the virus. At the time, more than 70 countries had reported cases of novel influenza A (H1N1) infection and there were ongoing community level outbreaks of novel H1N1 in multiple parts of the world.”

    (Doctors warn against swine flu parties, Souce: CNN.com)

    (Doctors warn against 'swine flu parties,' Souce: CNN.com)

    Stay tuned for CDC & WHO experts’ suggestions of better safeguards.

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  • Long Island Dentist Found Inhaling Laughing Gas

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    April 1, 2009 /  Foolishly Weird Treatments


    Aren’t there just those days when you wondered what you were thinking when you did something?

    …you may have been traveling  and just picked-up a bit of the flu, making you a little mentally fuzzy,

    …or came down with one of your worst migraine headaches in months and ran out of your most effective migraine prescription med, making thinking clearly through moguls of pain the next new Olympic winter sport,

    …or just had a long 14 hours in the office and needed to go home for the day but couldn’t quite get there.

    In any case, you were lacking a bit of good judgment just for a few moments.

    Well, sometimes we do something that seems harmless, and may even seem like a pretty good solution to a problem at the time to later find out in the light of day (when our thinking is finally a bit clearer) that it may not have been the brightest thing we’ve ever done.

    But what’s worse is when we get caught…Others may view what we have done much more harshly (in the much brighter light of day – most likely using a 500 watt spotlight making the Spanish Inquisition look like duffers), and thinking of more crisply succinct adjectives than “brilliant” about  us and our solution du jour.

    This is the case for this foolish gent…according to the New York Post a dentist from Long Island was arrested by police for abusing laughing gas after the he had been found by a patient. The dentist stated that he had a migraine. There are far better treatments than illegal use of nitrous oxide…BUT let’s give this fellow the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps his personal supply of Maxalt, Zomig or Imatrex had just run out and he had too much pain to pick up the phone and speak with his pharmacist.

    Reportedly his dental license was suspended multiples times before this incident, leading us to believe that he suffers migraines often and, therefore, lacks judgment often. (Is this guy truly human, or what?)

    So here’s the deal…let’s cut this guy a break.

    Let’s put ourselves in this guy’s blue scrubs and walk around in them for a while…Thus we be judged someday to be fools ourselves!

    Dr. Norman Rubin

    Dr. Norman Rubin (Source: NY Post DENTIST GASSED OUT AND PASSED OUT: COPS)