• Weird Medical Inventions…goes to show you that…

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    These headlines go to show you that humans and their inventions are adequate but rarely perfect…

    FDA clot device advisory tells of patients’ risks (re: Inferior Vena Cava Filters)

    Left-sided Cancer: Blame your bed and TV?

    A Newly Candid FDA on the Future Of Medical Device Regulation (re: example – external infusion pumps, pp. 3 & 4)

    Have roll will travel

    Mobile toilet tissue role

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  • Weird…New Approaches Accelerating Drug Development?

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    Research methods in medical innovation continue to innovate…

    Dozens of prescription drugs coming off patent in the next few years are encouraging researchers throughout the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to think “outside the traditional box.”

    According to Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development Director Kenneth I Kaitin, “This is spurring companies across the industry to experiment with a growing range of new tools and approaches to weed out unpromising drug candidates earlier, speed development, and reduce development costs.”

    Tufts CSDD has found that researchers are trying many new methodologies for developing news drugs that are expected to be faster and more efficient such those noted below.

    Even though the Tufts CSDD article is a come-on for an upcoming series of conferences, it cites a critical issue. 15 years is too long from compound discovery through development and commercialization to sustain continued profitable innovation in an economy that is in a slow grinding recovery.

    Consider shaving off months or even a year or more with these techniques:

    • Drug development simulator software
    • Blurring the lines between phases, especially Phases I & II
    • Conducting FIM studies earlier similar in timing for those medical device development trials
    • Partnering with other companies with knowledge in the same indication
    • Conducting exploratory IND studies
    • read on…

    We’re in the 21st century, the age of mobile connectivity and cloud computing, we can do better than a 15 year development cycle.

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  • Weird Casting…Art Meets Medicine

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    March 4, 2010 /  More Fun than Weird, Regulate This!

    Orthopods! Here’s a new twist for external fracture fixation…

    not just a cast but…a Casttoo!

    Both a waterproof and X-ray permeable alternative to plain autographable casts, Casttoos are on the rise. (Thankfully) artwork on casts is not (yet) regulated by the FDA…and neither are Casttoos. But they are lots of fun for orthopaedic patients of any age. And the best part is that docs or patients get to create them themselves!

    How about a shark infested jungle:


    …or an x-ray of your fracture:


    Just a couple of  ideas from the infinite number of Casttoo creators designs from the bookofjoe.

    Docs can even download a hospital starter kit from Casttoo’s website.

    …as Casttoo creators say “Happy Healing” to young and old alike!

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