• Weird Connections between Halloween and Medicine…Porphyria

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    Halloween – the time for all those weird oddities to come out of the dark, dank woods stirring our imaginations…

    If it were not for Dr. Patrick Nesbitt, a family physician in Vancouver, B.C., this weird oddity may have never posted to this blog again. Dr. Nesbitt delves into the disease, porphyria…the need for blood.


    Porphyria is fascinating with multifacited variants that include a werewolf variant, menstrual and chemically-induced variants, and even biological variants. Vincent Van Gogh and King George III, were afflicted as were many others. One in 400 are afflicted. Hm…could someone you know be a porphyriate?

    Read more if you dare on Dr. Nesbitt’s special Halloween-edition website.

    Thank you, Dr. Nesbitt!

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  • Caffiene…Your Weird Friend or Foe?

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    Sitting up late at night to do a blog post can make you reach for a little more jolt to your brain. But a little bit, as most of us know (especially after lunch and certainly after dinner), can do more harm than good to your sleep patterns.

    But do you know why you reach for coffee, caffenated sodas, even chocolate?

    It’s all in your mind. The “feel-good” affects it creates by stimulating the brain to inhibit adenosine, and release adrenaline and dopamine are the culprits.

    Read more…and…



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  • Weird…Now McStatins?

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    Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce…but DON’T HOLD THE STATINS!

    Whether its McDonald’s or Burger King a key chaser will help our cardiovascular systems survive our bad eating habits.

    quarter pound cheeseburger

    McDonald's Quarter Pounder(R)

    A new trend from the UK…Researchers from Imperial College London, suggest from a meta-analysis of statins used for primary prevention of heart problems that statins be served with burgers and other meals at fast food restaurants.

    According to Valentin Fuster, director of Mt. Sinai Heart and past president of the World Heart Federation, in a posting on the Health Blog:

    “It’s becoming very paradoxical that we accept [the presence of] all these trans fats and fast foods and aren’t able to counteract those with simple methods.” He supports the sale of over-the-counter statins.

    Magnus Ohman, professor of medicine and director of the program for advanced coronary disease at Duke University Medical Center, thinks otherwise about proper use of statins…Read more about the big debate

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  • Weird Finding about Alcohol and Arthirtis?

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    Summer is over tonight and no better proof then fall arriving on the rays of a Super Harvest Moon!

    WeirdMedical is back at work…but let’s not think too hard. The article below well help us start out slowly.

    Here’s another finding about alcohol – upon first blush it appears that anecdotal evidence is enough, but read on…

    According to Paul Taylor at The Globe and Mail:

    “The study published this week [week of July 29, 2010] in the journal Rheumatology, marks the first time that the frequency of alcohol consumption has been linked to the severity of this disease.”

    Glasses of Alcohol

    Alcohol tames Arthritis

    Taylor’s article goes onto comment about the benefit moderate alcohol consumption provides to the relief of arthritic inflammation in the joints (not as one would think with the neurological numbing of the senses)…

    “In particular, X-rays showed there was less damage to joints, blood tests showed lower levels of inflammation and there was less joint pain, swelling and disability.”

    Okay, so the research finding isn’t so obvious. Read on and enjoy…

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  • Weird Biochemistry in Embibbing

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    Do feel like your metabolism is slowing down?

    Are you worried about getting fat?

    Dismay no longer ladies…sorry guys…but now moderate drinking has been proven not only to help keep your heart healthy but keep your weight level over the years…and what a great way to cope with the Great Recession!

    “Researchers at Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston asked more than 19,000, normal-weight U.S. women aged 39 or older how many alcoholic beverages they typically drank in a day, and then tracked the women for around 13 years,” according to editors at Canada.com. They found that those women who abstained from drinking wine, beer or alcohol were most likely to gain weight, and those who drank two drinks per day were most likely to maintain their weight from 13 years prior.

    (Photo courtesy of Chris Barria, Reuters)

    But the best drink to keep the pounds / kilos off?…of course, was red wine.

    Now gals can Go Red in just another way – You go girls!

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  • Weird Traditions – Anti-Heart Holidays

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    February 16, 2010 /  More Yummy than Weird, Weird Holidays

    Here’s a heart stopper – bad for you but oh so yummy…

    Today is good ol’ Pennsylvania Dutch Fastnacht Day or Shrove Tuesday. The PA Dutch ladies could sure cook and bake even better! And just less than 2 weeks after Go Red for Women Day, February 5. But these lovely ladies of German decent came long before the American Heart Association,  the American College of Cardiology and our First Ladies of our nation teamed up to make us feel guilty… or worse being scared out of our whits… for being a few pounds over-weight.

    But that’s fine – we Americans can endure. So let’s take February, this month of dichotomies, and throw caution to the wind…let’s eat a fastnacht or three…

    This Fastnachts image was taken from the website – BellaOnline –
    Sandy Moyer, BellaOnline’s Home Cooking Editor.
    …then let’s go for a 10-mile run!

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  • Weird Biochemical Links: Silicon -> Beer -> Bones?

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    Who would have thought that avoiding osteoporosis would be such yummy fun?

    We now have new evidence that beer is more of a health food than originally thought. It’s been discovered that silicon found in commercially produced beer promotes strong bone development.

    Researchers from the Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of California, Davis have proven there is a relationship between commercial beer production methods and producing a final end product rich in silicon essential for greater bone mineral density.

    According to the lead author of the study, Dr. Charles Bamforth, “The factors in brewing that influence silicon levels in beer have not been extensively studied. We have examined a wide range of beer styles for their silicon content and have also studied the impact of raw materials and the brewing process on the quantities of silicon that enter wort and beer.”

    “Beers containing high levels of malted barley and hops are richest in silicon,” Dr. Bamforth concluded.   [See February 2010 issue – Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Society of Chemical Industry.]

    So beer once again is king...and ounce-for-ounce it’s easier on our budgets than wine!

    http://www.sirtified.com/images/product/winestein3.gifpicture courtesy Sirtified’s Blog

    No more wine for our cardiovascular systems…let’s drink a few beers to our skeletal health!

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