• Weird Medical Issues for Seniors with CV Disease

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    No so weird but true – the older we get the more delicate our physiology becomes.

    Our cardiovascular system is no exception…Seniors with cardiovascular disease, especially octogenarians and older, cannot tolerate the rigorous therapies that their younger counterparts do.


    Case in point, think about stents. Classical cardiac and peripheral bare metal stents (BMS) and DES (drug-eluting stents) can cause extensive bleeding and other complications in older seniors left untreated. No organization has reported on this issue more than the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC).


    Healio, Cardiology Today’s Interventional publication (ACC), present reports from two well-known pivotal studies – the SAPPHIRE and CREST clinical trials. These studies of stents used to revascularize carotid arteries collectively lead an expert in cardiovascular medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, to make the following conjectures:

    • Mark J. Alberts, MD, wrote that ‘it is unlikely that the symptom status of the vessel, or the skills of the interventionalist, can alone explain the high mortality because most of the deaths occurred well after the periprocedural period…'”
    • Further, “…the most likely explanation is ‘a combination of advanced age and poorly controlled CVD risk factors ā€¦ [but] we should be open to other possibilities…'”

    To learn more, view this article, “Carotid artery stenting may be risky for older adults,” from this highly regarded blog publication – Healio.

    Thank you to the authors of this article at Healio and Dr. Alberts for your insights.


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