• What should WeirdMedical become in 2012?

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    We’re back!

    But back to do what?

    While listening to a Steve Martin interview this morning on NPR where he was talking about how he gets his best material, the question hit me > “What do we now have too much of – Greed? Corruption? Empty bank accounts? Systematic consolidation of wealth and fleecing of the global working public?”

    Don’t know nothing about birthin’ babies OR those thangs.

    Nope the answer is “serious.” We have too much serious in our industry. In the past “WeirdMedical” has become “SeriousMedical”…and that’s no fun.

    Of course you might say it’s important to be serious so people take you seriously…but that’s no fun either.

    In the past we erred on the serious, amazing, strange and even ookey side of weird, steering away from gruesome, gory, evil medical oddities. We’ll probably continue to do so…and that’s our choice…but it’s time to throw in silly, funny, goofy and even ridiculous medical.

    But come on, it’s time to laugh…or at least smirk a little…stay tuned.

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