• Weird DHHS Projects as Non-Performers on ExpectMore.gov

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    Amazing, an actual website produced by the federal government that exposes those federally funded agencies’ programs that are at the extremes of the spectrum…either strong performers or huge disappointments.

    The agency that ranks these programs is the U.S. OMB (Office of Management and Budget).

    Net findings by the OMB? –> “20% of Federal programs are Not Performing.” see ExpectMore.gov


    Our solution –> let’s shut down these programs immediately and create accountable programs that effectively fund education, infrastructure development, healthcare efficiency programs and comparative effectiveness research.

    A few of our favorite poor performers:

    1) Health Information Technology Research (AHRQ) -> Read more…

    2) Office on Women’s Health -> Read more…

    3) Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology -> Read more…

    …and these are just three out of 30 major poor performing programs managed by the Dept of Health & Human Service.

    No wonder our U.S. healthcare system is bloated and ineffective. Where is the accountability?

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